Selection of Vaud wines

5 wines awarded at the selection of Vaud wines 2013 including a 1st price Gold Medal with the Crescendo Merlot Cabernet franc 2010 (category Blend of red grape varieties), a 3rd price Medal for the Soprano 2012 (Pinot Noir category), as well as 3 silver medalists: Chasselas Coteau de Vincy (category chasselas vintage 2012), the Crescendo Gamaret 2010 (Other Pure Red Grapes categories) and the Crescendo Symphonie 2010 (Blended Red Grapes category).

Sélection Vins Vaudois 2013 Domaine De Chantegrive
Sélection Vins Vaudois 2013

1st Prize Gold Medal
Crescendo Merlot Cabernet franc 2010

3. Goldmedaillenpreis
Soprano Pinot Noir 2012

Silver medal
Chasselas Coteau de Vincy 2012

Silver medal
Crescendo Gamaret 2010

Silver medal
Crescendo Symphonie 2010

Grand prix du vin suisse

2 Wines awarded at the Swiss Grand Prix of Wine 2013 with the Crescendo Symphonie 2010 Gold medal (category Red grape blending) and Coteau de Vincy 2012 Silver medal (Chasselas category)

Mondial du Chasselas

During the Mondial du chasselas 2013, the Coteau de Vincy 2012 is classified with the distinction “Silver”

Award-winning wines 2013