Domaine de Chantegrive

AOC La Côte

The Domaine de Chantegrive produces fine wines in La Cфte AOC. The vineyards are located on the coast of the lake of Genevabetween the villages of Gilly and Féchy. Alain Rolaz, the owner and head winemaker offers you three collections of wines. The “Signature Alain Rolaz”,”Expression des Terroirs” and “Crescendo”. Each collection has a story related to history of the winery and of its terroir.


Chasselas Ambitus

Chasselas “Ambitus” is a wine grown on lees

Between tradition and fantasy, the Chasselas: “Ambitus” is a selection of the best grape juices offering all the heard of the aromas characterizing the Chasselas.

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Expression des terroirs

A traditional vinification

Chasselas is the typical white grape of French-speaking Switzerland, called “the king grape variety”. This grape is fruity, floral with linden expressions or white flowers depending on its soil, which gives it a unique character.

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Signature Alain Rolaz

Cantabile Red blend AOC La Côte

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Signature Alain Rolaz

L’Envol Sauvignon AOC La Côte


Signature Alain Rolaz

Arioso Dornfelder AOC La Côte


Signature Alain Rolaz

Soprano Pinot noir AOC La Côte

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Signature Alain Rolaz

Capriccioso Brut AOC La Côte


Signature Alain Rolaz

A whole story

The wines from the “Alain Rolaz” collection are friends’ wines that are easily opened for all kinds of occasions or simply for the pleasure of sharing a good moment…

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Gamme Crescendo

Wines aged in oak barrels

This is a selection of high-quality gastronomic wines made in oak barrels. It is the fruit of a passion for excellence translated by a rigorous work in the vineyard as in the cellar.

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Gamay, Crescendo



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Salon Divinum Morges 2 Domaine de Chantegrive

The winery

Concerned about global warming and social issues, the winery works in respectful mannes towards it stakeholders. The winery also contributes to enlarge the biodeversity in its vineyards by planting fruit trees and various ferns…

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