Julien Rolaz's creations

Julien Rolaz: Innovative creations

Discover the innovative creations of Julien Rolaz, a winemaker committed to environmentally-friendly viticulture. His wines embody a new era of sustainability, cultivated organically and biodynamically. Julien’s wines reflect the sunny essence of the seasons, offering freshness and conviviality. His innovative approach pushes traditional boundaries, creating bold and surprising blends. Dive into the future of sustainable viticulture with Julien Rolaz’s inspiring creations.

Julien takes you on a new taste experience.


Sparkling rosé

Discover Julien’s latest creation! Made from a blend of Pinot-Noir and Gamay grapes, R’osé is the ideal companion for summer evenings. It has a brilliant salmon color, like the rosé wines of Provence, but Swiss. Its seductive nose of red berries enhances its fresh, fruity palate.

Operating temperature: 10°c – 12°c



Grape varieties: Dornfelder Gamaret

It’s a wine without synthetic chemicals or oenological inputs, made from organic, hand-harvested grapes.

Aging potential: 3 to 5 years
Serving temperature: 10°c – 12°c



Chasselas and sparkling grape juice

Winatypic is a delicious alcoholic beverage (6.1% vol.) made from a unique blend of Chasselas, apple juice and local grapes. It showcases the products of our beautiful region, and its few bubbles bring a freshness ideal for cider-ater at festive and convivial moments. Drink a Winatypic and cider-ater in style!

Aging potential: 3 to 6 years
Serving temperature: 13°c – 14°c



100% flowers from our orchards

Immerse yourself in the sweet essence of nature with our delicious honey, straight from the lush blossoms of our orchards and vineyards. Harvested with care and love, this exceptional honey embodies the purity and richness of natural flavors.



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