Vin Nature – without added sulfites


N’ature – by Julien Rolaz

Grape variety: Dornfelder Gamaret

It’s a wine without synthetic chemicals or oenological inputs, made from organic, hand-harvested grapes.


The nature approach reduces intervention that would transform the constitution of the wine: we therefore resort to natural yeast fermentations (rather than selected yeasts, in sachets, added during fermentation), without the addition of enzymes or various chemical compounds intended to facilitate vinification. This is what we mean by “nothing added”.

Natural wines are not glued or filtered ,two techniques that remove suspended solids from the wine, and even microorganisms in the case of sterile filtration. This is the idea of “nothing removed”.

Box of 6 bottles

  • 6x 75 cl = CHF 156.- (CHF 26.- per btl.)
Prix indiqué net, départ cave, TVA incluse + frais d'expédition 9.-
Livraison gratuite à partir de 350.- CHF ou si mentionné.