Selection of Vaud wines

4 award-winning wines “Gold Medal” in the selection of Vaud wines 2019 with two tied third prizes for the Crescendo Symphonie 2017 (category Blends of red grape varieties) and the Crescendo Gamay 2016 (category Gamay), as well as the Soprano 2018 ( Pinot Noir category) and Arioso 2018 (Other pure red grape varieties category).

Remise des prix Sélection des vins vaudois 2019

3rd Gold Medal Prize
Crescendo Symphonie 2017

3rd Gold Medal Prize
Crescendo Gamay 2016

Gold medal
Soprano 2018

Gold medal
Arioso 2018

Crescendo Symphonie Or 2017 Domaine De Chantegrive
Soprano 2018 Or Chantegrive Sélection Vins Vaudois-2018
Crescendo Gamay Or 2016 Domaine De Chantegrive
Arioso 2018 Or Chantegrive Sélection Vins Vaudois-2018

Brussels World Competition

Concours mondial Bruxelles

This year 2019, the city of Aigle hosted the 26th edition of the Brussels World Competition in Switzerland. This competition is considered one of the most renowned by the profession. The canton of Vaud collects the largest number of medals among Swiss wines. The Domaine de Chantegrive is proud to be one of the medalists with a silver medal for the Crescendo Merlot Cabernet Franc 2015.

Mondial du Chasselas

During the Mondial du chasselas 2019, the Crescendo Chasselas 2015 is classified with the “Gold” distinction

Award-winning wines 2019